Friday, March 6, 2009

Ottawa Branch News

A hefty version of the Spring edition of the Ottawa Branch News reached me today.

I say hefty because the last 19 pages of the News is taken up by the listing of surnames in the Index to Names Volume 41 (2008). The list contains the surname, the given name(s), and the page number.

The articles are very included in this edition are "Research at Salt lake City - Preparation", which talks about Elizabeth Kipp's trip to Salt Lake City researching Palatines; "Early Residents of Ottawa's Sandy Hill Neighbourhood"; "Online Genealogy Dictionaries and Lists"; and "The City of Ottawa Archives - a Wonderful Resource".

An intriguing article is one of changes in format coming to the News.

The format is going to change to a 8.5" x 11" journal style and the name is going to change.

Do you have a name for the new newsletter? They have received some suggestions already. For example: Ottawa/Bytown/Carleton - Roots, Genealogy, Ancestors, Families, Relations, Happenings. Suggestions are welcome!

And the editor is looking for someone to design the cover of the new journal. He is looking for someone with layout experience, and he says that it would only take a few hours to do this in consultation with the editor.

If you can help, please contact Edward Kipp at