Sunday, February 15, 2015

RootsTech 2015 - Day 5

This was the last day of RootsTech 2015.

I would say that, from a distance, it has been a success from the keynote speech of the first day to the keynote speech of the last day with A.J. Jacobs and Donny Osmond, it shows that genealogy is not an isolated, staid activity, but is an active, engaging hobby and profession.

Conferences, get-togethers, and meetings can be exciting, and it is up to us to see that they are "people pleasers", something that people want to come to, and be a part of the community. So let’s engage our community, and bring everyone to genealogy and family history!

There was the rest of Dear Myrt’s AmbushCAM—little five minute interviews—and the first two aren’t the greatet quality (there were camera and sound issues), but there were four to watch -

Myrt's AmbushCAM: Friday #1 - Matthew Faulconer of GenMarketplace

Myrt's AmbushCAM: Friday #2 - Thomas MacEntee of Geneabloggers

Myrt's AmbushCAM: Saturday #1 - Jennifer Smith of Family Search Indexing

Myrt's AmbushCAM: Saturday #2 - Hilary Gadsby (our gal in Wales) of The Edge of Snowdonia, and Mastering Genealogy Software

It’s best to watch all of these interviews at Dear Myrt’s Genealogy Community at

I watched the keynotes yesterday – A.J. Jacobs and Donny Osmond, and found them delightful in the family history message that they delivered.

I found out more about A.J. Jacobs’ passion over the past year, and that it has been a journey to his "I am a cousin" reunion that he will hold in New York City on June 6 2015. It sounds like one big party, and all should attend. From what he said yesterday, it will only be $20.00 for the day.

The website is Global Family Reunion at

And I ask you, what can one say about Donny Osmond?

He was on stage a lot longer than I thought he would be, and he gave a really good testimonial about family history, and what it has meant to him over the years.

He said that he is on Facebook, all the social media stuff, so if you have a question about Donny’s family history, just ask him at

His website is

I spent the rest of the day watching the other sessions that they had at RootsTech, and capped my evening off by watching Dear Myrt's After Party,, where she invited 50 of her closest friend who were at RootsTech to partake in her Saturday night gameshow, Who's in my Line?

So I will see you next year from the beginning to the end! The Innovator Summit will be held on the 2nd of February 2016, and the RootsTech conference will be from 04 to 06 February 2016.

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