Friday, May 22, 2009

OGS "NewsLeaf" is here

The pre-Conference NewsLeaf is here!

This is a long issue (30+ pages) as it contains a report from each of the branches, plus a report from each of the regional directors, plus financial statements, plus a report on all the things that went on at last year's Conference, plus, plus, plus. Phew!

To say the least, I am usually spent by the time it is done and I take a couple of days off to recover, but this year, I was totally booked in writing magazine articles - so no time off for me!

They are good publications (if I must say so myself) - Families and NewsLeaf. This November, I will have been the editor for three years - it seems like I just put out my second edition, but in truth, it will be my 10th one!

And if you are coming to Conference 2009, be sure to drop by our table. Yes, we will have a table this year. It will be alongside the OGS table, but we will be clearly marked as "OGS Publications".

Grace Jewell, the OGS Webmaster, and John Becker, the editor of Families, will be there on Saturday. And I (Elizabeth Lapointe), the editor of NewsLeaf and e-NewsLeaf, will be there on Sunday.

If you haven't signed up to receive e-Newsleaf, be sure to do that - it is included in your yearly membership dues. There will be a sheet that you can put your email address on it if you haven't already subscribed at the "Members Only" section of the OGS website <>.

So far, only about 80% of members have sent in their addresses, and we would like to see everybody join up, as there are links for access to the great databases that the OGS has already published, and for the new ones that will be coming soon. So sign up - you'll be glad you did!

This year, I will be representing the International Society of Family History Writers and Editors in my capacity as the International Director, and it's a great organization. I will have a handout available for all, detailing the ISFHWE group, and its benefits. The website address is <>.

So come on over and say "Hello!" to myself, John, and Grace. We would be pleased to see you.

If you would like to send in an article or a family history to be published, be sure to come and see us.