Wednesday, April 30, 2014

OGS new website

What do you think of the new website that the OGS has just put on the Internet?

For myself, I don’t know what to think.

It seems like they have lost their focus – Ontario genealogy.

And what do they mean by Help Save Library & Archives Canada? What do they mean? When you open the tab, it talks about Donations to the library at the OGS, not the LAC!

Could they have been too hasty in putting this on the Internet right now? Even the copyright for the website is for 2013 – it hasn’t been changed to 2014!

It is my feeling that the site needs some tweaking before it is put out to there for public consumption. What do you think?

The website is


Louise said...

I guess the developers were told the new site has to be up before Conference starts. They need to remove the 'Help Save Library & Archives Canada" button ASAP - I assume / hope that image was used by mistake. There are several other changes I would suggest, but only that one is urgent. A beta version first would have been helpful. The new site is definitely an improvement visually.

Elizabeth Lapointe said...

Hi, Louise,

I knew that they were working on a new website, but ...

A beta version first would have been helpful. Work out the non-useful stuff, them put it out to the public.

Thanks for your comments


Unknown said...

Working off a smaller laptop - not tiny, but not large enough to even see the banner for The Ontario Genealogy Society (OGS) without scrolling down. This is an issue. How is anyone going to this supposed to know they have arrived at what they are seeking at first glance. Definitely needs to be remedied.

Elizabeth Lapointe said...

Hi, Brooke,

Defiantly, a beta version first would have helped.

Haven't heard from the OGS about this yet. There have been comments on my Facebook page too.-


Louise said...

More of the links are fixed now, and it's clear that the OGS did intend to put its lobbying efforts to 'save' Library & Archives Canada front and centre on its main web page. While this lobbying does fit with the last two of OGS's sub-objectives, I think that the main webpage, especially the most 'front and centre' spot on the page, should better reflect OGS's main mission and objective, which are both focused on Ontario genealogy.

Elizabeth Lapointe said...

Hi, Louise,

At least they have fixed the copyright to 2014 and not 2013.That's done.

The LAC thing is still troubling. The issue has been diffused a bit lately since the new head of the LAC has been chosen, and the ship had righted itself a bit.

The CAUT site was copyrighted 2011 - even they congratulated the new LAC head. And to have the LAC issue front and center, don't know about that. Ontario research and membership should be the main concern with a website such as this.

Very good comments, Louise


Mike More said...

Elizabeth, I don't know why but the site is at and seems to be working fine. That's a slight difference from what you had published.

I wonder where all these people were when the Society asked for volunteers to help with the new website?

Elizabeth Lapointe said...

Hi, Mike,

It's getting better as the day goes along. I see now where they have put the conference as the middle window.

Think that they should have put it out as a Beta site first so that we could see what it looked like, and any changes could have been made before it went out to the public.

Just a thought