Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The People's History Project

The Royal British Columbia Museum <www.freespiritbc.ca/peopleshistory> wants your story!

They are looking for your story (either you were born or you have lived in British Columbia), or the stories that have taken place in BC.

You can submit more than one story, but each story must be 1300 words and each story can contain up to five pictures- each one with a short caption. Each story can include one audio file up to five minutes in length, and a video file also five minutes in length.

The stories can be submitted under a number heading including "On the Job", "Fun & Games", "The Neighbourhood", "Home", and "School".

The story which is submitted will be taken from 2-6 weeks to be posted. You can record your story over the phone, if you wish.

They will be accepting the stories up until January, 2009.

You can share your own story either by contacting the Royal BC Museum on their website or by phoning 250.381.4305.