Sunday, August 7, 2011

Articles for "The Toronto Project"

I came across this notice today in the "Loyalist Trails" UELAC Newsletter 2011-31 Aug 7, 2011 -

"The Toronto Project, which is an online museum of the history of Toronto and its' people, will launch publicly on October 12th at The Art Gallery of Ontario. Amongst a number of initiatives, The Toronto Project is creating a wiki history of the city. This will eventually be an interactive forum open to everyone's contribution. Prior to the public launch of the wiki history, The Toronto Project is looking for contributions of some core articles with which to seed the wiki.

We have been asked to submit stories of our Loyalist ancestors and their contributions to the city of Toronto and the area around. Please submit your story to We will review and edit, if necessary, and forward them on to the project co-ordinators".

Karen Windover UE,President, Toronto Branch

Shelburne County (Nova Scotia) Archives and Genealogical Society Newsletter

The summer issue of their newsletter arrived with some sad news – the retirement of Canadian genealogist, Eleanor Smith.

I have known Eleanor since the early 1990s, and she was always been most helpful in my many projects (especially the Port Roseway Associated Loyalists). She was always willing to explain Shelburne County genealogy to me, and I will always be grateful for that.

She wrote a number of books - Loyalist Foods in Today's Recipes; Land of my Fathers, Vol 1 & 2; and Descendants of Alexander and Agnes (Hamilton) Hogg Family of Nova Scotia. She edited Lost Mariners Vol 1, and co-authored The Veterans of Shelburne County: A Memorial Vol One and Two. They are available at the SCA&GC website at

I interviewed her in 2009, and it was published in the May/June 2010 issue of Internet Genealogy under the title of "Going Back to Her Roots: Eleanor Robertson Smith".

In the Family Bible section of the newsletter, they have reprinted marriages, births, and deaths from the King family of Shelburne, and in the article, "News from Yesterday", they have excerpts from The Coast Guard, Clark's Harbour and Yarmouth, 5 May, 1809 newspaper.

The last article is an excerpt of the book by Gerald MacApline called "Mason's Division Stories of Jordan Bay and Jordan Ferry in Shelburne County" in which he talks about the great forest fire that swept through the village of Roseway in August, 1911, and how the Halifax newspapers spearheaded donations to the county.