Monday, July 27, 2009

Stirling-Rawdon Genealogy Fair 2009

Are you ready to track your ancestors?

It's time for another genealogy fair!

This time. I'm going to the fair which will be held Saturday, August 22nd in Stirling-Rawdon (near Trenton and Peterborough in Ontario) at the Stirling Senior School on St. James Street.

I knew that the fair was quite old and had been held a number of summers in this quaint little village, but this will be the first year that I am going.

It is an all-day affair, and will feature Fawne-Stratford Devai (who works on the television series, “Ancestors in the Attic”) and her talk entitled, “Leaving Ontario: Resources of Tracking Ontario Migrants”, as well as Dr. David R. Elliott’s two lectures, “Digital Techniques for Reading Difficult Tombstones” and “Treasure in the Family Bible: Methodologies for Discovering Family History”.

I can’t wait to hear both of them because I have a few questions of my own that I would be love to get answers to.

The fee is very reasonable, and you can register online before August 1st by downloading the registration form at <> or you can register at the door on the day of the conference. But be there early because doors open at 8:30!

Also, visit <> and take a look at their historical society, where they keep a genealogy room.

The contact person to get in touch with, if you wish to register, is Pat Marshall of Stirling. Her email address is <>.

If you come to the fair, please take a moment to say “Hi!” - I would love to meet you.