Saturday, August 27, 2011

London Leaf Newsletter

The August London-Middlesex Newletter August 2011 edition is out, and this edition is all about lists of names.

It contains articles such as “Women Who Were Entitled To Vote In London For The First Time” contains over 400 names of local women in 1885; a list of 80 Glencoe And Wardsville High School Entrans 1900, and a list of the people who offered their help to the inhabitants who were living in Michigan and were affected by the fire of 1881 under the title of Strathroy Request for Help – 1881.

The London-Middlesex County Branch will meet on September 6th at 7:30 pm at the Westmounth Branch of the London Public Library, 3200 Wonderland Road, in which Dennis Mulligan will talk about “Don't Believe Everything You Read: Research Using Internet and Other Sources”.

Their website is

Oxford County Library Databases & Indexes

I came across a webpage in the Oxford County Library, Ontario the other day, and there is a huge amount of genealogy for those who have ancestor's in the county.

For example, they have -

Newspaper Indexes of the Ingersoll Chronicle (birth, death and marriage index), and also of the Ingersoll Tribune.

Oxford County Genealogy Records (1793 - 1858)

Cemetery Records of the Index of Ingersoll and Area Cemeteries, and some headstone photos

Land Records of Oxford County Land Patents (1798-1852)

Local History Books & Indexes including -

Index to History of North Oxford Township 1867-1967
Index to Ingersoll: Our Heritage by Henry W. Whitwell
Index to The Axe and the Wheel: a history of West Oxford Township, 1790-1974
Index to With Mortar and Pine: a collection of the architectural heritage in the Township of Norwich
Autobiography of Thomas Brush Brown, 1804-1893 : a pioneer of East Nissouri Township
From the Roaring 20s to Y2K by Elsie McSpadden
Zorra Boys at Home and Abroad or How to Succeed by William Alexander McKay
Pioneer Life in Zorra by William Alexander McKay
Musings on the Banks of Canadian Thames by James McIntyre
Zorra by William M. Campbell
Souvenir Manual of the Embro Congregational Church

Directories, Gazetteers & Voters' Lists -

1852 Oxford Gazetteer by Thomas S. Shenston
1857-58 Directory of Oxford
1871 Gazetteer of Oxford County : Ingersoll (11 MB)
1877 Town of Ingersoll Voters' List NEW
1883 Town of Ingersoll Voters' List NEW
1894-95 Town of Ingersoll Directory
1908 Union Publishing Company's Directory of the Town of Ingersoll(12 MB)
1911 Town of Ingersoll Directory NEW
1927 Town of Ingersoll Telephone Directory NEW

History of the Town of Ingersoll including -

Town of Ingersoll Historical Photo Gallery
Industrial Ingersoll Illustrated, February 1907
Industries of Canada : Ingersoll, 1887
Ingersoll in the Eighteen Seventies : excerpts from the Ingersoll Tribune
Index to Ingersoll: Our Heritage by Henry W. Whitwell
The Ingersolls of Hampshire in the line of John Ingersoll of Westfield, Massachusetts by Charles Stedman Ripley
History of the Town of Ingersoll by James Sinclair, 1924
1947 Ingersoll Fall Fair Souvenir Program

The amount of information here is astounding!

If you wish to read some of these histories, directories, newspapers go to