Saturday, July 4, 2015

Dear Myrt’s Beginning Genealogy Study Group: What did I learn?

As I promised in my blog on 06 January 2015 at, I watched Dear Myrt’s Beginning Genealogy Study Group to its conclusion, and this will be my last post in this series.

So what did I learn?

Contrary to what I said in the last post I made that it was starting to get confusing, the confusion was cleared up in the last two sessions/ I was able to review the sessions of the study group, and here is what I learned -

that I should add to my Canadian Research Toolkit. Just like Cousin Russ, who built the American Research Toolkit at we should build one of our own. There is also a Scottish Research Toolkit at, since Dear Myrt and Claire V. Brisson-Banks are presenting the Scottish Study Group.

The second thing I leaned was that, as Cousin Russ said, you should research one record group at a time. I usually start with the census records, and then the vital statistics records, and so forth. I was sort of doing this anyway, before it was mentioned in the study group by Cousin Russ, but it helped to hear someone else say it, and to put it into words that everyone could understand.

I extend a big thank you to Dear Myrt, Cousin Russ, the panelists, and the community for bringing this to us over 20 sessions. It is well worth it to take some time out of my busy day to listed to all of the sessions. Very well done!

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