Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

New/Updated Websites, Blogs, and Newspaper Articles – 31 December 2012

I have come across the following websites, blogs, and newspaper articles this past week that were of interest to me, and I thought you might be interested in them, too –

Main Index: Native American Names of Quebec and Ontario (Marriage Documents) Anyone who has tried to research Native American ancestry in their genealogy knows how difficult it can be to trace. Here is a site that may help you.

Canadian Christmas Books (and a few more ...);id=17;url=http%3A%2F%2Fcanadagenealogy%2Eblogspot%2Eca%2F2012%2F12%2Fcanadian%2Dchristmas%2Dbooks%2Dand%2Dfew%2Dmore%2Ehtml Diane Rogers of the British Columbia Genealogical Society has posted a Christmas book list, that you may find helpful.

English Research From Canada Elizabeth Kipp has the latest news about the Blake ancestry in preparation for the publication of the Blake Newsletter due 1 Jan 2013.

Ireland XO uses ‘reverse genealogy’ to link descendants to the Emerald Isle Read about how Ottawa’s Phil Donnelly is helping to connect 70-million of people all over the world to the home county of Ireland in an article in the Ottawa Citizen. Goal is to connect over a million people by the end of 2013, and to create a database of 10 million members of the Irish Diaspora by 2016.

They have a website at, and they have a newsletter onsite, a parish handbook to help you find the parish you are looking for, and a glossary which explains the terms used in Irish research eg townland, province, and so forth.

Our Town Waterford Pedestrian crossing light closer to completion What started out as a newspaper column by Carol Steedmen in which she talks about a pedestrian crossing light nearing completion in the town, turns into a column about a letter she received from a reader.
In the letter from Marilyn Nurse, Carol finds out that Marilyn is from the McMichael family from Waterford, and her father, Leamon Becker McMichael, was a first cousin to Dr. Hooker from Waterford, and recounts the genealogy.
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