Monday, January 7, 2013

Ontario Genealogical Society Conference 2013

The OGS has just opened their registration for their Conference 2013 to be held in Oshawa May 31, June 1 & 2 of this year. The theme of this year’s Conference will be “Pulling Up Stakes: Putting Down Roots”.

They have also put the program on the site and it does look interesting with a good mix of Ontario, and US speakers. Canadian such as Dave Obee, Marian Press, and Brian Gilchrist, and American such as Maureen Taylor, and Liza Also.

The Conference was held in 2006 at the same place, and at that time, they had a great Conference, so this one should be no different.

There are plenty of classes to chose from, early bird registration, lots of tours to take, and there will be a marketplace, so take a look at

Canadian Blogger Joan Miller RIP

This came through on the OCAPG (Ontario Chapter of the APG) message board from Lorine McGinnis Schulze this morning. I am sure that you join me in saying that the genealogy community in Canada is sad today to hear this news -

"Hello everyone

I am not sure if the group has heard of the sad passing of fellow Canadian genealogist Joan Miller on Friday Jan.4, 2012. Joan was an avid genealogist, blogger and public speaker. One of Joan's passions was her blog Luxegen Genealogy and Family History. I met Joan at Rootstech 2011 and spent quite a bit of time with her and her husband Reg.

Joan's enthusiasm and cheerful spirit were contagious! She will be greatly missed. If any of you knew Joan you may wish to remember her.

Joan's family has requested that anyone wishing to donate in Joan's memory please do so on Kiva. Joan was a co-founder of the group Genealogists for Families which is a team on Kiva. If you are not familiar with Kiva:

Kiva connects thousands of people to borrowers and partner institutions around the world, working together to create opportunity and alleviate poverty. It only takes $25 to get started.

I made a loan to Delia, a pig farmer in the Philippines, in Joan's name. If you wish to participate you can choose who you wish to help by going to

I chose to make a commerative loan, dedicated to Joan. When the loan is repaid, the money will go directly back to Kiva instead of to me and another person will be given a loan”.


Thank you for this news, Lorine.

You can follow genealogy news on her blog at

New/Updated Websites, Blogs, and Newspaper Articles - 07 January 2013

I have come across the following websites, blogs, and newspaper articles this past week that were of interest to me, and I thought you might be interested in them, too –

Name Our Newsletter!
The Saskatoon Heritage Society wants you to send in names for their newsletter. Their website is at

Former Bay boy has tenuous claim to non-existent Irish throne A delightful story about a newspaper man from Cape Breton (Nova Scotia) who previously had no interest in family history, until ...

Long-time Whitby archivist Brian Winter retires A reporter for the Durham online newspaper sat down with the now retired Archivist Brian Winter and talks about the Whitby Archives.

Crossfield library becomes part of Marigold Library System The Crossfield Library just joined the Marigold Library System after they heard from their patrons who wanted more access to electronic resources, eg e-Books on genealogy, heritage, and history.

Southwestern Quebec Genealogical Resources Huntingdon County and the Seigniories of Chateauguay and Beauharnois I just came across this site the other day, and it includes “a growing database containing the detailed content of over 57,000 19th century birth, marriage and death records from the Protestant churches in the region; current and outdated maps and place-names; an index to our complete copy of Sellar's Notes of Conversations with First Settlers; some 100 descendant trees of 19th century settlers as detailed by your distant cousins; many other resources, and links to web-sites all focused upon this unusual Anglo-Quebec region in Southwestern Quebec”. A very good site!

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