Sunday, December 23, 2012

OGS President Shirley Sturdevant Has an Update on the LAC

There has been an update on the termination and replacement of the Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Services at the Library and Archives Canada‏ from OGS President Shirley Sturdevant. 

You can read the full update on their blog at, but it more or less says that although she offered to be a part of the discussion, that offer wasn’t accepted. This is rather unfortunate, since Shirley might have been able to present the “genealogical point of view”, which has been missing from the discussion so far.

The answer that she received from the LAC said, in part, that “Although my offer was not accepted, I was promised by M. Grandmaitre (of the LAC) hat we would receive the same documentation as the other participating parties for further discussion with or distribution to our members”.

In the meantime, she says that “The Ontario Genealogical Society shall stay its course in advocating for open and equal access to our Canadian archival documents”.

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