Monday, September 26, 2011

New/Improved Canadian Websites and Blogs Week 4

Here are some of the websites, and blogs that I have come across the week ending Sept 25, 2011

Major Boutron et compagnies Genealogy about Estienne Boutron Major from Franche Comté to Nouvelle-France, and his lineage in North America, particularly in Quebec, Ontario, Michigan, and Louisiana.

A Latvian Canadian Story A blog which covers French-Canadian genealogy, individual family history, Italian genealogy, Latvian genealogy, and Ukrainian genealogy .

Gumbo Genealogy An Acadian genealogy with individual family histories, and Louisiana genealogy .

Rock of Ages: Grave Concerns The President of the Alberta Genealogical Society, known as "The Leprechaun Rabbit", has a blog about the cemeteries of Alberta.

Evans Books: Publications by Gwen Barry I received an email from fellow Ottawa genealogist, Bonnie Miller, about this site in which Gwen Barry has published books on her own family lines and the history of Megantic County, Quebec. As Bonnie says, “What was even more useful for me was the free extensive genealogy database of the early families who lived there and where they eventually migrated to, as well as the links and references to other sources”.

Following the Ancestral Trail of Notable Canadian Families: Mitchell, Pearson, McKelvey & James Jonathan Mitchell follows the Irish immigrant in the Canadian countryside.

Recensement de l'Acadie de 1671 (Census of Acadie, 1671) Site is in the French language, and gives the person's name, their age, and occupation.

AncestorStalker: A Leader In Professional Genealogical Research Offers genealogy including DNA analysis for a fee. $

Irish Family History And Genealogy Contributed By Guest Bloggers And Brought To You By This brand new sites invites people to write about their Canadian and other Irish Ancestors. It will focus on Irish Family History, and this week it is about a Nova Scotian Irish family.

Luxegen Genealogy and Family History Written by Joan Miller, with an emphasis on the prairie provinces and Quebec with surnames - Kerr, Wilson, Henderson, Irvine, Woodland, Aumack, Miller. Catch Joan's latest interview on Geneabloggers radio, plus “Genealogists – Capture Your Family’s Interest”, her latest blog post.