Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Great War Album

Canadians searching captured German trenches for hiding Germans at Vimy Ridge, during the Battle of Vimy Ridge (Source: William Ivor Castle. Canada. Dept. of National Defence. Library and Archives Canada, PA-001129)

Help Canada's History Magazine ensure that Canada's First World War generation is never forgotten, Send in scanned copies of photos, letters. or other ephemera from the period of 1914 to 1918. If you cannot scan the photos, letters, or other documents, then prints of original photos, or good quality photocopies of letters and ephemera, will suffice.

They are planning to publish a book in 2014 called The Great War Album, and they will accept submissions until August 2013.

Images that are not included in the book will be published online at CanadasHistory.ca. All of those who contributed to the book will have their name entered into a draw for a free, signed copy of The Great War Album, and there will be three winners.

To read about the project, go to

The homepage of the Canada History Magazine is at www.canadashistory.ca/Magazine.aspx

Question of the Day: In 2010, Canada’s History Magazine underwent a name change. What was its former name?

Send your answer to Elizabeth at genealogycanada@aol.com by midnight, Eastern Standard Time. Please put “booklet” in the title, and remember to submit your full name and postal address. A winner of the will be chosen by random draw from every eligible entry received.

For details on the contest and the booklet prize—a research guide on both sides of the War of 1812 entitled The War of 1812: Canada and the United States—please visit http://genealogycanada.blogspot.com/2012/11/one-booklet-to-be-won-every-day-during.html

Good luck with the draw, and happy researching!

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