Wednesday, February 6, 2013

UPDATE: Policy Change for Patrons Requesting Photocopies From the Family History Library

Has anyone seen this notice on the latest post on Family Search blog?

Appearently, Merrill White from the Family History Library posted on the Family Search blog the other day that as of Feb 4 “all requests for information copied from films, book pages, CDs, marriage, death or birth certificates, wills and/or deeds, etc. will be copied in digital format and emailed to patrons in a zipped PDF or JPG file format. There is no charge for this service if we are able to email to information to patrons”.

They say that patrons of the library can request copies by emailing their request to All requests MUST include the following information -

■Film or Fiche number

■Item number

■Name of Individual(s) referred to in the record

■Title of the record

■Name of parents, spouse, grantor, grantee, etc.

■Event type (Birth, Death or Marriage)

■Complete event date and place

■Event place (county, parish, township, etc.)

■Volume or page number

■Registration or Certificate Number

■Any other information that will help us locate your record

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