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Canadian Week in Review (CWR) 14 September 2015

I have come across the following Canadian genealogy, history and heritage websites, social media, and newspaper articles this past week that were of interest to me, and I thought you might be interested in them, too.

This Week in Canadian History

In 1814, the "St. Lawrence," the largest warship built on either side during the War of 1812, was launched at Kingston, Ont. The three-decker carried 112 guns and 1,000 men. 

To read more about Kingston, Ontario in the War of 1812, go to

In 1895, the Sault Ste. Marie canal was opened.

In 1898, the main portion of New Westminster, British Columbia was destroyed by fire.

Social Media 

(Photos) Kings County heritage houses at risk

(Video) Demolition of former United Church in Sackville begins

Newspaper Articles


Down Memory Lane

A week or so ago I decided to spend an afternoon visiting Burin and to stroll around the town’s Heritage Square.

To say that I’m impressed with what Burin is doing as far as heritage and history is concerned would be an understatement.


LEE DICKSON GENEALOGY: Following the trail of land claims through the 1st Heir and Devisee Commission Papers

As mentioned in the August column, father and son team of Thomas and John Mathews were granted family lands: farm lots in York Township and town lots in the Town of York.

GENEALOGY WITH JANICE: Records of pets in our family history are few and far between

Pets have always been important members of my family. One of my favourite photos is of me in a high chair with our cat Tom sitting on the food tray. Many of my best childhood memories involve our cats, dogs, birds and hamsters. 

Artist Steve McDonald finds new fans with adult colouring book

When Canadian artist Steve McDonald decided to move his family to the island paradise of Bali, Indonesia, two years ago, he never fully considered the implications of leaving a traditional art gallery and a dedicated client list behind. Even more surprising, he had no idea it would lead him to start creating art for other people to colour-in. 


Cypress Hills Massacre little-known dark point in Canadian history 

One of Canada’s worst mass murders occurred in what is now a remote area of southwestern Saskatchewan, but experts say it barely registers as a footnote in Canadian history today. The silence at Fort Walsh Historical Site, 60 kilometres from the U.S. border in Cypress Hills Provincial Park, can be deafening at times.


History: The Medicine Hat Legend 

Discovery of the oldest known record of the Medicine Hat legend has, in this writer’s opinion, settled for all time three controversial questions which have harassed the city for the last few years. They are: How did Medicine Hat come by its unique name; which story is the authentic account of the legend; and which Indian head-dress is the original medicine hat?

The Stories This Week


No one should forget what happened on the 11 September 2001 to the United States. It has been 14-years, but it seems like happened yesterday. 

Canada as a country, immediately opened it's airports to take in flights that had to be diverted, as was the case of the Stanfield International Airport in Halifax. It was the first give landing rights to 40 aircraft carrying 8,000 passengers that were diverted to Halifax that day. And it was first major airport to have all diverted flights back in the air. 

New France Archives

This week the Library and Archives Canada unveiled it's New France Archives at

The records themselves are in French, although the description of the records are in English, and as far as I know, none of the records have been translated.

If you go to the Thematic list of fonds, you will see the Notarial Archives, and it is there that you will find the marriage records. 

So do take a look, and if you have any questions about them, I can help you.

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