Sunday, February 26, 2012

Library Lover's Month

I did not know it, but February was Library Lover’s Month! And the Yorkton Public Library in Yorkton, Saskatcewan,, recently had a flood at their location. They renovated their location, and rededicated their library.

One area where there is particular pride is a new multi-use room, currently unnamed, which has a fireplace and is designed to encourage people to "sit down and read." The room, established in honor of Bob Ribchester, a former board member, also houses materials from the Yorkton Chapter of the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society The space represents the library’s ideal of becoming a "third space", a place other than home and work where people come to spend time and are comfortable.

This sounds like a great idea to have a room like this in a library.

Congratulations, Yorkton Public Library, and Happy Library Lover's Month to all!

Talk about books, have you had a chance to read about my booklets on the War of 1812 and on migration?


I have just published two booklets - The War of 1812: Canada and the United States, and Migration: Canada and the United States.

They are available for purchase through Global Genealogy at, the National Institute of Genealogical Studies at, and now, in the U.S., from the Family Roots Publishing Company at

For more on the booklets, go to and