Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Empress of Ireland - May 29, 1914

The sinking of the RMS Empress of Ireland at the mouth of the St. Lawrence River in 1914 had a great affect on the people of Canada, as more than 1,000 people lost their lives when the ship was stuck by the SS Storstad on that fateful foggy morning.

While I was at a Canada Post kiosk the other day, I picked up their May 2014 magazine called Details with a photograph of the Empress of Ireland on the front, as shown in the picture above. The story of the sinking is on pages 12 to 14, and you should pick up this excellent pocket-sized magazine the next time you are in the post office.

The story of the Empress of Ireland is at

Gail Dever of the Genealogy à la carte blog from Montreal has sent me articles about the Empress of Ireland from Canadian newspapers, such as -

The Empress of Ireland: Remembering ‘Canada’s Titanic’

Doomed liner to be commemorated in coming days with stamp, coins, monuments and more