Monday, January 13, 2014

Canadian Week in Review 13 January 2014

I have come across the following Canadian websites, social media websites, and newspaper articles this past week that were of interest to me, and I thought you might be interested in them, too


No new websites this week.

Social Media

Wanted: One Great Canadian history writer This blogger says that maybe the history of Canada needs to have a great writer to come along to write good Canadian history books. Do you agree?
News Articles

First Saskatoon council meeting of 2014 The Gardner’s Site in Victoria Park in Saskatoon is up for designation as a municipal heritage property. The city has been asked to pass a bylaw that will designate the property under The Heritage Property Act so that a plaque can be erected, The plague will honour the early settlers who passed through this site where old bison bones were sold and it was called The Old Bone Trail.

You can read about The Old Bone Trail at

Canadian Nature Museum digitizing 3 million specimens: Museum is part of an international movement to put archives online for researchers The museum is part of an international movement of natural history museums that are digitizing their archived collections of plants and animals. So far, they have collection of three million specimens and they have entered a million of them into the database.

W.P. Loggie - a chapter in Fairview’s history Craig Baird writes about his father in this lovingly presented tribute.

Historical society celebrates 60 years Read about how the Colchester Historical Society in Truro, Nova Scotia started in 1954.

Colchester Historical Society site is at

Story of the Week

Sir John A.Macdonald

There have been many histories written about Sir John A. Macdonald, Canada’s first prime minster in 1867, and this year was the 199th anniversary of his birthday on January 11th.

There is a new Heritage Minutes series which feature Canada’s nation-builders, Sir John A. Macdonald and Sir George-Etienne Cartier at, and two reporters from Maclean’s Magazine went to see where he was born in Scotland.

Their article is at

Canadian Heritage has a site where there is a biography, a quiz, and his burial site at Kingston, Ontario

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