Monday, March 18, 2013

New/Updated CANADIAN Websites, Blogs, Facebook, and Newspaper Articles - 18 March 2013

I have come across the following Canadian websites, blogs, Facebook, and newspaper articles this past week that were of interest to me, and I thought you might be interested in them, too –

Websites I checked the places around Ontario, and there are some of interest. Besides posting where they are located, there usually is a picture on the site of the place e.g. train stations, hotels etc

Discover your Canadian family history and start your family tree. Find resources for all Provinces and access many genealogy records including Census, Land and Cemetery records.  


No new blogs this week


Essex County Branch, Ontario Genealogical Society (EssexOGS)


No new videos this week

Newspaper Articles

Genealogy group will rent space in library basement further update on a story that was carried a couple of weeks ago by this blog. La Généalogie et archives Saint-Laurent (GASL) will have the room in the local city library to put their archives.

How to create your own family tree, step by step So you want to learn about your family history, but you don’t know where to begin. Lesley Anderson, Content Specialist and spokesperson for has some tips on how you can begin your genealogy journey, and she gives five steps that she suggests.

Barrington Street height limit increase considered: Proposal will affect Westin Nova Scotian, Via Rail and Atlantic Superstore The Halifax Regional Municipality is considering increasing the height limit for several properties at the south end of Barrington Street.

Chef dyes trademark moustache for St. Patrick's Day A well known chef in Canada, Massimo Capra, became Irish for the day. He changed his surname to O'Capra, and dyed his moustache green!

A trek across space and time to self-discovery Linda Kawamoto, now Linda Reid, found a story written by a woman with the same name as her grandmother. Was it her grandmother? Read the article and find out!

Mayor vows to try and pass a new motion against headstone bylaw Ron Eddy is hoping to head off a mounting crisis over a prospective order to remove a Korean inscription from the back of a headstone in the St. George Cemetery.

Rick Steves: Museums chronicle migration to America column about Norwegian roots, and Rick Steves takes a trip to the southern Norway port of Stavanger, where there is the Norwegian Emigration Center ( This is where the first boats sailed with emigrants to “Amerika” in 1825.

Picture and Story of the Week

BIFHSGO celebrates St. Patrick’s Day A band of hearty BIFHSGO members braved the minus temperature Saturday to march in St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Ottawa.

The St. Patrick’s Day parade gave them a good opportunity to advertise the Irish Theme that will be featured at their annual conference that will be held in September in Ottawa

To keep with the Irish theme, BIFHSGO is pleased to have booked Eileen O'Duill, CG, as a major speaker for the 19th annual conference.  

John D. Reid, and Glenn Wright was over to WDYTYA in London in February, and while there, John interviewed Eillen, and you can listen to the interview at

Look for more articles next Monday March 25th.