Sunday, April 25, 2010

"News and Views" - Leeds and Grenville Newsletter

News and Views—the newsletter of the Leeds and Grenville Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society—arrived recently, and, as usual, is full of interesting articles and information.

The first article is on the Graham Burying Ground (sometimes known as the Luckey Farm Burial Ground) in Kitley Township.

Originally published in 1996, the article has been brought up to date by Larry Driver when the question arose as to who owns the land now. You will have to read the article to find the answer.

"Lost and Found in Elizabethtown" is an article by Terrance Edwards on how he explored the life of George Boulton of Lyn. In "A Short Story about Schools in Maitland, Ontario", the reason is given as to why all the schools were built, inlcuding pictures of some of the schools.

On the other pages, they have reports for 2009, upcoming meetings and special events, and queries.

Their website is and their email is

News and Views Editor, Myrtle Johnston, is always on the lookout for articles and queries. She can be reached at