Thursday, July 23, 2015

Canadian Genealogy News (CGN) 23 July 2015

 There is so much news lately, that instead of creating individuals posts for them, I have decided to issue them in one post once a day, and it will be called Canadian Genealogy News (CGN).

The Canadian News in Review (CWR) will still be published each Monday, as it has been since April 2013.
News comes to us that The Newfoundland and Labrador government will change the Vital Statistics Act to allow transgender people to change their birth certificate and government identification to match their gender identity. 

The change comes after transgender activist Kyra Rees in St. John's took the provincial government to court, in a battle to get her birth certificate to reflect the gender she identifies with.

Changes have already been made in Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia and Manitoba. 

The Ottawa Branch will be hosting the Ontario Genealogical Society Conference 2017. 

There are tours and workshops, lectures and Marketplace, awards, a Research Room, the annual Banquet, displays and special events during the year that Canada will be celebrating its 150th birthday. 

A small committee has started to plan the event but we can always use help. Meetings are held on-line, so you can participate from anywhere in the world. If you would like to join one of the sub-committees, particularly if you have expertise in Marketing or Social Media, please contact Mike More at

If you belong to another heritage or genealogical organization in Eastern Ontario, we would be pleased to have you participate with us. For more details, contact Mike at

There is the last chance to see the exhibition Magna Carta – Law, Liberty and Legacy! It closes 26 July 2015. 

In celebration of the Magna Carta’s 800th anniversary, original copies of the Magna Carta and its companion document the Charter of the Forest from 1300 are featured in the exhibition Magna Carta – Law, Liberty, and Legacy at 

Don’t miss this rare chance to come face-to-face with one of the most important historical documents in the world. 

A once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity that you won’t want to miss!


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