Thursday, July 7, 2011

Relatively Speaking

An Index and Summary for the May 2011 Relatively Speaking newsletter of the Alberta Genealogical Society are now online at

In fact, the Index and Summary have been been put online since 2008.

Relatively Speaking is published four times a year, and you can get the full publication if you are a member of the Alberta Genealogical Society.

The email of the newsletter is

The website of the Alberta Genealogical Society is

Toronto Trust Cemeteries Update

FamilySearch Centers has released the latest update on July 6th, and one of the projects they have been working on is the Toronto Trust Cemeteries, 1826-1935.

Index and images to the records of several Toronto cemeteries (York General Burying Ground (also called Potter’s Field), 1826-1855; Necropolis Cemetery, 1850-1912 (the index will continue to 1935); Mount Pleasant Cemetery, 1876-1933; Prospect Cemetery, 1890-1935) have nearly doubled from 7,234 to 14,864.

They say that "Currently this collection is 22% complete and includes records from Necropolis Cemetery. Additional records will be added as they are completed. This is a cooperative project with the Toronto Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society."

You can contact them at if you would like to volunteer to assist in this ongoing effort. Or you can go to and search the records.