Sunday, February 22, 2015

Dear Myrt’s Beginning Genealogy - Session 6

As I promised in my blog on 06 January 2014 at, I am reporting on Dear Myrt’s Beginning Genealogy study group as it proceeds. I watched Session 6 yesterday, and the top two things that were discussed were -

Software – This time, each of the people gave the name of the software that they use, and it looks like they use multiple programs to organize their genealogy. Dear Myrt said that it all depends on "personal preference".

The second part of the class was devoted to the Research Records, and she briefly touched on immigration and emigration. She said this is usually the first question that a person asks when they go to a Family History Centre, because they know that they have come from somewhere.

One thing that was discussed was the ancestors who went to Canada first, and then migrated to the United States because, for one reason, it was cheaper to go to Canada than to the United States.

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