Friday, November 18, 2011

Our Waterloo Kin - November 2011

The November issue of Our Waterloo Kin is out, and there are various genealogical articles in their edition such as rescuing and restoring a cemetery, biographies published in a newspaper 100 years ago, and an obituary of an old settler who died in 1871.

An semi-unknown cemetery located on the west side of Waterloo, next to the Regional Shopping Centre along Ira Needles Boulevard, is cleaned up by members of the Waterloo Branch of the OGS.

See what they did to identify the cemetery, and why they've decided to make a return visit to the cemetery.

The eleven people who lived in the Waterloo area – Joseph ABRA, Peter BERG, Samuel CASSEL, A.P. DAMMEIER, Albert GIBBONS, Adam HEIPEL, Fred HOLWELL, Henry N. HUEHN, Joseph Good HURST, Solomon KOCH, and Adam MATTUSCH – have short biographies listed on pages 53 and 54 of this issue.

Obituaries of a Father and of his Daughter” highlights the passing of Ledogarius Beisang, and that of his daughter, Mary Anna (nee Beisang) Stremmer, who died in 1905 at Eagle Creek.

The iron cross and stone monuments have been restored at the St. Agatha Roman Catholic Church, and there is an article on “Reading the Documents: Ins and Outs of Paleography”.

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