Friday, October 4, 2013

The National Institute For Genealogical Studies Announces New Lecturing Course

The following announcement was received yesterday from the National Institute For Genealogical Studies

"Lecturing Skills Including Preparation written by genealogy professional Thomas MacEntee, is the newest course offering at The National Institute for Genealogical Studies. Part of the Professional Development Certificate, this course provides practical suggestions for developing, offering and presenting genealogical lectures. Students receive practical real world experience with a final project that involves presenting in a webinar format to a live audience.

Director of The National Institute for Genealogical Studies, Louise St. Denis says of the new course, “Lecturing is such an integral part of a professional genealogist’s life. This course seemed like a natural fit for the Professional Development Certificate. Having Thomas author the course was an easy choice considering his experience in the field.”

Course author Thomas MacEntee stated “Public speaking is not necessarily just a talent one is born with. It has to be cultivated and it is more than just standing up in front of a room and opening your mouth to speak. Good speakers know that it takes not just hard work and practice to succeed; it also requires learning the “how” of speaking about your passion and educating others.”

Whether you enroll in Lecturing as part of the Professional Development Certificate or as a stand-alone course, you will finish it with new skills to prefect your presentations.

Professional Development Certificate

The National Institute for Genealogical Studies offers eleven Certificate Programs including the Professional Development Program. Courses in this new program include, Transcribing, Abstracting, & Extracting - Career Development: Choosing a Niche - Creating Programs for Adults & the Younger Generation - Organizing a One Name Study - Lecturing - Forensic Genealogy - Genealogy and Copyright - Palaeography - Document Analysis - DNA - Marketing - House and Farm Histories - One Place Studies - Analysis and Skills Mentoring - Methodology

To learn more about The National Institute’s Certificate Programs, see their website at

Enroll Now for a Special Offer

Ongoing professional support is crucial to any career. That’s why The National Institute has teamed up with the Genealogical Speakers Guild to offer students a discount on membership.

Postscript: I am currently enrolled in the Professional Development Certificate program, and start my first course on Monday October 7th.

UPDATE: Register of One-Place Studies is Now Live!

Further to my notice last week that there was a new website online with the Register of One-Place Studies, they are now announcing the following update -

“The new free Register of One-Place Studies went LIVE earlier this week and we’re off to a flying start. So far we h studies from 3 continents covering 7 countries, 33 counties/states and 235 places. From Angmering in Sussex to the Isle of Mull in Argyll, from Drumnaconagher in County Down to Meldreth in Cambridgeshire and from Acton in Massachusetts to Wando Vale in Victoria, to name but a few, we’re helping to put study owners’ efforts on the map!

The studies range from small hamlets and specific districts within a town through to whole regions including multiple towns. Some studies are now dormant but have amassed a wealth of information over the years which continues to benefit researchers. We even have one very active study with no residents living in the study area - they were all forced to leave their homes in 1943 and were not allowed to return. What is clear is the hours of selfless dedication and commitment study owners have spent building up their studies over many years.

The Register’s purpose is to provide a listing of one-place studies currently being undertaken across the UK, and internationally, which is:
• open to all
• free to access
• free to add to
• comprehensive
If you have a one-place study and haven’t yet added it to the Register, don’t delay any more!”

The web site may be found at: