Thursday, June 20, 2013

Contest - Your Canadian Brick Walls

To celebrate Canada Day on July 1st — the 146th anniversary of Canada as a country — I am running a contest to do a free research consultation for each of the winners.

All you have to do it to submit one of your Canadian brick wall questions to me at

I will choose four lucky winners to help breakdown that brick wall. It must concern your Canadian genealogy, from anywhere in Canada, and at any time, and, of course, contain a Canadian ancestor.

Please note that having an ancestor land and/or pass through Canada also counts, as my research speciality is inter-migration between Canada and the United States, and also immigration to Canada from “across the Pond”.

For more information on my research business, please visit  

So, why am I picking four winners?

Well, because you must first answer this skill-testing question – name the four provinces that made up the country of Canada on July 1st, 1867, the date of Canada’s Confederation.

So send me your Canadian brick walls now, and on July 1st, I’ll choose four of them to work on.

Good luck!