Sunday, November 11, 2012

Remembrance Day: Who are you remembering?

Your Community Blog, found on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's (CBC) website, asking you to send in a remembrance of a person and a photo to the  blog on this Remembrance Day.

The blog asks - "Is it a grandparent who served in World War I? Or a brother or cousin who served in Afghanistan? Share your memories in three to four lines, if possible - along with a picture of the person you'll be thinking of”.

CBC Remembrance Day Program GuideTune to CBC for full television, radio, and online coverage of Remembrance Day services in Canada

Question of the Day: The series of Question of the Day for Remembrance Week has ended for this year. I would like to thank everyone who took the time to send in their answers, and I hope that you have enjoyed the posts. The list of the winners will be posted on Monday.

Please take the time to thank a veteran for his or her service, even if they are not yet familiar. You never know - they may be someone who can illuminate a part of your family history research, or they may even be one of my own relatives (both blood and in-laws) who—along with countless other Canadian military members and their families—had, or have, spread themselves across the country and overseas in their dedicated and selfless service to Canada and her allies.

Lest We Forget ...

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