Friday, September 23, 2011

Top Five Canadian Genealogy Sites

Yesterday (Sept 22nd), I went online at Google to see what were the top five Canadian Genealogy Sites, and this is what I found -

# 1 - Canadian Genealogy & History Links (CGHL) The Canadian answer to Cyndi's List, it's been on the Internet since 1995, and there are postings here you don't find in other places. Besides listing all of the Provinces, and Territories, there are Personal Pages, Archives, Census, Cemeteries, History, Loyalist, Military, and Organizations.

# 2 - CanGenealogy Dave Obee's famous link pages which lists provinces and Territories, Resources and Events in Canada. It was first posted in 2006.

# 3 – Library and Archives Canada
The current front page of the Genealogy and Family History was created in 2006, and it lists the Most Requested Records, plus additional resources you can access online.

# 4 – Canadian Genealogy-Canadian Genealogy Resources Online since 2002, this site is also a Links site, but has older articles on the right hand side - some of which I have not seen before.

# 5 - Canadian Genealogy: Find your genes, friends, family and ancestry to get re-united! I have not used this page in the past, but I did put my maiden name in the Search Box, and was taken directly to the name in Don't know how helpful this is for longtime Internet people, but could prove useful to the first time users.