Friday, April 25, 2014

McDonald family holds a community reunion in Lanark County, Ontario

I just received this notice from the Lanark County Genealogical Society -

“When John McDonald, his wife Isabel Maclaine and their children emigrated from Mull, Scotland, and settled the 10th Concession of Ramsay, Lanark County, Canada in 1822, they brought with them, among other possessions, a cast-iron porridge pot. The pot has been handed down through generations of McDonald descendants, to Mary Lennox and her husband Barrie, who have donated it to the North Lanark Regional Museum. Nearly two centuries later McDonald descendants are returning to the Almonte region for this joyous occasion.

You are most cordially invited to attend this jointly sponsored celebration by the Lanark County Genealogical Society, the North Lanark Regional Museum and Archives Lanark on Thursday June 5th, 2014.

It’s a once in a lifetime chance to meet John and Ishbel descendants, from international locations returning to Almonte for this occasion. Other family members will be familiar, as they reside in the area, such as McPhail, Cameron, NcNaughton, Ellis, Smith, McLean, Dickson, Little, Taylor, and Finlay.

The day’s program includes:

Bus tour: Number of seats available 55. Cost $20 per person.

A guided tour made possible by Barr Bus Lines Ltd. Pakenham, Ontario. Bus leaves from the North Lanark Regional Museum (Appleton), 647 River Rd, Mississippi Mills, ON at 10:15 a.m. The Museum opens at 9:00 allowing time to view their holdings and sip a morning beverage while waiting for the buses to arrive.

The bus will stop at the original McDonald property and the family cemetery. This cemetery is recognized as one of the first cemeteries in the Town of Mississippi Mills, with the first burial in 1823.

The bus continues with short tour of historical highlights in the area. We will travel to

Blakeney and the Park, an area well loved by twins Jessie and Katie McDonald and your chance to view nature unspoiled.

Bennie’s Corners, the village honored by a visit from the Prince of Wales (King Edward) in 1860 and the One-Room Rural school area where the Inventor of Basketball, Dr. James Naismith brought honour to the school, the community and to Canada.

Mill of Kintail, the home of Canadian-born sculptor, doctor, soldier, physical educator, athlete and scouter Dr. Robert Tait McKenzie.

High Falls, Almonte’s Historic Main Street, and the R. Tait McKenzie’s bronze sculpture, The Volunteer.

Returning to the museum in Appleton for your vehicles so you can attend the lunch and remainder of the event at the Social Hall of the United Church, 160 Elgin Street, Almonte.

United Church Social Hall, 106 Elgin Street, Almonte (seating for 100 people)

Buffet Lunch at 12:30 by The LeatherWorks Catering Cost per person $10


North Lanark Regional Museum display featuring the historic MacDonald family Porridge Pot donated by Mary and Barrie Lennox.

Minister: Rev. Mary Royal Duczek’s family blessing through a “Commemorative Sand Ceremony Dedicated to the McDonald Family Generations

McDonald and McPhail settler’s family history displays.

Farm related displays, family photos, farm photo, some historical artifacts and treasures from life on the farm.

Archives Lanark display includes documents related to the 10th concession farms and a display announcing their soon to be released “One Room Schools of Ramsay Township” book.

Ramsay Women’s Institute representatives will be there with the Tweedsmuir History Books.

Mississippi Valley Textile Museum Curator will enlighten us on a new research opportunity with over 100 years of Almonte Gazette on-line.

And we may even get a chance to hear a musical interlude with bagpipes, and taste some oatmeal crisps, peas’ brose, haggis, Scottish eggs and poor man’s pudding, from recipes that during the 1800s and 1900s provided nourishment on the table in a Scottish household.

The purpose of this note is to extend to you an invitation to attend this historic event and help make this event a lasting family memory.

Tickets for the full day $30 or in part, bus tour $20 or lunch $10 can be purchased in advance by mailing your cheque, payable to Lanark County Genealogical Society to Lanark County Genealogical Society, c/o Frances Rathwell, Treasurer, Attention: McDonald Event, 68 Beckwith St E Perth ON K7H 1C1

Or you can contact them at the Lanark County Genealogical Society at