Friday, March 2, 2012

The Railway Museum of Eastern Ontario

The Smiths Falls & District Historical Society, in collaboration with the Smiths Falls Municipal Heritage Committee, asked the following question at a recent meeting - should the downtown area, called Uppertown, be considered as a heritage conservation district?

This question was answered in the affirmative by Nicole McKernan, a graduate student at Carleton University who summarized her findings of the Uppertown Heritage Conservation District Study.

She said that the area north of the Rideau River is generally known as the Downtown Core. She said that 150 years ago, when the town began as a booming economic centre for the county, this same neighbourhood was referred to as Uppertown. She looked at this 11-square block area straddling the main thoroughfare of Beckwith Street North, and she evaluated the architectural, historical, and cultural significance of the buildings in her study.

The Speaker Series will continue in March with Rideau Canal Heritage Visualization, presented by the Department of History of Carleton University. Discover how this innovative project will bring visual heritage out of archives and museum collections, and puts them into the mobile devices and apps technology.

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