Saturday, February 1, 2014

Chinook - Winter, January 2014

The Winter, January 2014 (Volume 34, Number 2) issue of Chinook —the journal of the Alberta Family Histories Society—is out, and I am in it!

Last fall, I had asked its Editor, Wayne Shepheard, about doing a possible article on citing sources. I submitted Sources and Citations in Genealogy: What Are They? in November, and it appears on pages 8 to 11 of this issue.

In another article, entitled Starting Over, Michele Simmons Lewis gives very good advice on keeping one’s genealogy current.

Lois Sparling, in Organizing Family History Research, explores different ways to keep it all organized. She also reviews a book on the subject by A. C. Fleming called The Organized Family Historian.

And following in her footsteps is an article by Marion Peterson called Organizing My Genealogy Files in which she tells us how she has organized her work. Next, Kim Mills, in her article, Organizing Digital Files, lets us see how she does it.
And there are three other articles – Caring for Family Keepsakes: Ten Tips to Help You Preserve the Past by Denise May Levenick; Personal Digital Archiving for Individuals, Families and Information Professionals: Issues to Consider by Donald T. Hawkins; and Succession-Proofing Your Family History by Jim Benedict.

This a very complete journal, with lots of articles, columns, tips, events, and book reviews of interest to genealogists. The journal is not necessarily Alberta-centric, and it certainly appeals to everyone.

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