Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Acadian Museum Recovers

I first made the acquaintance of Warren A. Perrin of Layfayette, Louisana in the aftermath of Hurricane Rita when the museum he runs called the Acadian Museum of Erath, Louisana was damaged – almost beyond repair. The genealogical material had to be reconstructed, and with the help of Stanley LeBlanc, most of the records have been repaired.

They were dark days for Warren, and the people who work at the Museum. But through hard work, and support from the Acadian descendants in Louisiana, and Acadian people who live in Canada, the Museum has come back to be better than it was before.

If you go to www.acadianmuseum.com you will see three rooms dedicated to history and genealogy (the Erath Room, the Acadian Room, and the Prairie Bayou Cajun Room), The Photo Gallery, and a list of family names held at the museum.

Another way you can keep track of the museum is by subscribing (free) to his newsletter called La Parole which is sent out on a regular basis. There is lots to read, and keep up on in the newsletter.

His email is info@acadianmuseum.com