Monday, April 22, 2013

Canadian Week in Review

22 April 2013

I have come across the following Canadian websites, blogs, Facebook, and newspaper articles this past week that were of interest to me, and I thought you might be interested in them, too –


Wesleyan Methodist Baptisms I have been to this place many times over the years, and it is still valuable site to search for baptisms. The index has been compiled by Ida Reed in 2001.

There are 101,461 records included here on almost 1800 pages. They are Vol. 1, baptisms, 1825-ca. 1860; Vol. 2, baptisms, 1840s-ca. 1870; Vol. 3, baptisms, 1850s-1870s; Locality index to vol. 3, and Vol. 4, baptisms, 1860s-1910.

Storytelling A new Category Index has been put on Cyndi’s List entitled Storytelling on April 1st. Currently, it is divided into General Resources, Photographs & Memories, and Vendors.


Canadiana Blogs In addition to the excellent article byJohn D. Reid called Ontario Local and Family History at on his blog about the Canadian site, they also have blogs at the  site.

Some of the blogs are Daniel Velarde's write about New collections coming to Canadiana, and there is Beth's blog who write about Improving access to Canada's digital heritage.

These blogs are at

Good blogs!

Facebook - Video – You Tube

YouTube Timeline of Quebec History There is a Timeline of Quebec’s History on a YouTube video. The one I watched was the granting women the vote, in Quebec and I found it worth looking at.

Newspaper Articles

Book review: A home child attempts to reconnect with her family A review of a book which recounts the life of a home child at the Prince of Wales Fairbridge Farm School, a home for children from the British Isles who had been orphaned or given up because of financial hardship

Chinese restaurant exhibit in Royal Alberta Museum Chop Suey on the Prairies, the title of the exhibit at the Royal Alberta Museum, will run until April 27 next year. It will “provide detailed knowledge surrounding ownership and patronage of Chinese restaurants in Alberta, and more importantly, the cultural lessons behind their Chinese character”.

Transforming Canada's Parliament Hill I saw this last summer and it is a show that should not be missed. It is entitled "Mosaika - Canada Through the Eyes of Its People", and it begins July 10 and ends September 7 this year.

How Avonlea Village brings Anne Shirley to life every summer Q & A about how Avonlea bring Anne Shirley to life every summer.

Pictures and Story of the Week

FamilySearch Launches New Site

FamilySearch put on several “site enhancements” to their website this past week.

The announcement says the site enhancements will "allow visitors to collaboratively build their family tree online, preserve and share precious family photos and stories, and receive personal research assistance—all for free."

Besides the recently released FamilySearch Family Tree, new features include -

Photos and Stories, a Fan Chart, and Live Help site. You call or chat with a FamilySearch volunteer online, or find a FamilySearch Center/Family History Center nearest your home.

So far, not everyone is pleased with the “site enhancements”, especially the more experience genealogists. There has been a problem with what is perceived as the “setting back” of research records to a secondary role. The researchers say that it appears that FamilySearch is going for a younger audience, pointing out the stories of their ancestors is first in their minds rather than researching Family History per se. What do you think? 

A good summary of Monday evening’s discussion about FamilySearch is on Dear Myrt’s blog Thursday, April 18, 2013 called Thoughts on FamilySearch Redesign

They also have a series of videos on the site, which act as the introduction to FamilySearch, and the emphasis on family stories.

On Wednesday, April 24, Legacy Webinars is having What's New at FamilySearch by Devin Ashby at

The website says “What are the latest tools from FamilySearch and how can I use them in my research? Come learn about new products and initiatives that are making a difference in the genealogy community. Learn how to save time and money in order to get the job done”.

I will be listening!

Look for more articles next Monday April 29th.