Saturday, February 16, 2013

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To give you a hint, there will be newspaper articles Monday about the Family Day history event slated for South Peace Archives, genealogy group eyeing new home in a library basement, and a web site posting about the Alberta Genealogical Society Conference 2013 to be held in April.

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The Ottawa Genealogist

The January-March 2013 issue of The Ottawa Genealogist has just been released, and I received my copy the other day.

Here are some articles of interest –

Sarah Belding/Beldin/Belden (alais Belvin or Dekdubsa) wife of Benjamin Burt is an article byEditor Ed Kipp, and these people are his 6th Great-Grandparents.

And Early Bytown (Ottawa) Settlers Index by Jim Stanzell in which he, in this issue, features surnames the start with “C”.

There is an Information column where it says, for example, that James Cuthertson “Work. Rideau Canal”, Patrick Costello has the information that says that he has a “brother in Ireland”, and William Calder is “age 30”. This could prove very helpful in your research. It is almost like reading a city directory of sorts, and it is fully sourced!

It pays to go through the two pages of Branch Library Additions on pages 42 and 43 because they may have some books in the library that may interest you. They have some books that interest me, and the next time that I am down to the Ottawa City Archives, I am going to look them up because some of the titles interest me, and the research that I do.

The web site of the Ottawa Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society is

Also, don’t forget the Genealogy Fair that they will be having at City of Ottawa Archives on May 4, 2013.

The website for this is at