Monday, October 24, 2011

New/Improved Canadian Websites and Blogs Week 8

Here are some of the websites, and blogs that I have come across the week ending October 23, 2011

Les pionniers de Trois-Rivières 1634-1665 (The Pioneers of Three Rivers 1634-1665) Although this is in French only, it does contain an alphabetical listing of pioneers of Three Rivers, from Séverin AMEAU to Claude VOLANT de ST-CLAUDE.

Wendy's Genealogy: Lapensée, Leroux, Cote Three of her grandparents have French-Canadian lineage, and she traces their genealogy to the present day.

Bill's Genealogy Blog and the website Bill Buchanan lives in Onoway, Alberta, and he is researching mostly Canadians of British origin, and has over 21,000 people in his database.

People on the Move: Do You Know This Girl? There is a campaign at the Red Star Line Museum in England where you are asked if you know this girl, who emigrated to New Brunswick in 1905.

Call Me-shell Includes French Canadian surnames such as ROBILLARD, BOUDREAU, THERRIEN, and many more.

CanadaGenealogy, or, 'Jane's Your Aunt'  The blog has been up since 2005, and M. Diane Rogers continues to have many interesting posts, including her latest on Medical Family History and Genealogy.

Dawn-Ann's Explorations: Finding my Identity Through my Family's History Read about Dawn-Ann's recent trip to Dawson City, and her Kirkpatrick family.

The Canada Directory The Names of the Professional and Business Men of Every Description, in the Cities, Towns, and Principal Villages Of Canada.

Immigrants to Canada Extracts From the Immigration Report of 1887 Pertaining to Settlement in the West. These are extractions from the report of the Scandinavian Settlers.

The Marine Museum of the Great Lakes The Marine Museum was founded in 1975, and it contains the museum of the Canadian Coast Guard Ship, The Alexander Henry.