Tuesday, March 6, 2012

English Historical Society of West Nipissing

A meeting took place at the Sturgeon River House Museum in Sturgeon Falls on February 25th, where twenty people came together to form the English Historical Society of West Nipissing.

They formed the group because they were concerned that local English history was quickly disappearing, and that something should be done so that historical documents and photos can be given a home where people can come, research, and learn about their English background.

An interim board will meet during the next several months to discuss writing a constitution, raising funds, discussing incorporation, and holding an election for officers of the new society.

TheWest Nipissing area has two Francophone historical societies, and the municipality has recently appointed the Advisory Heritage Committee.

For more information regarding the English Historical Society, please contact Jean Johnson at 705- 594-2513 or Wayne LeBelle at 705-758-9669.