Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hamilton Branch Newsletter

The Winter 2010 edition of the Hamilton Branch (OGS) newsletter contains various notes and articles, and one of the best articles is by Brian Pearson called, "What are the ODDS".

It seems as if Brian was born in Northern England in the middle 1940s, and in 1987, when he went back to visit his stepmother, she gave him some stuff that his father had owned. In amongst the papers he found his father's birth certificate.

Guess what? His father and his wife had been born in the same house - 60 years apart!

In addition to this story, there are book reviews, items that have been added to their library, queries, and an article on the National Burial Index for England and Wales, 1538-2003.

You can visit the Hamilton Branch online at or send them an email at hbogsadmin@mountaincable.ogs.