Monday, October 1, 2012

New/Updated Websites, Blogs, and Newspaper Articles

I have come across the following websites, blogs, and newspaper articles this past week, and I thought you would be interested in them too –

A Family Tapestry Canadian and U.S. surnames such as STEVENS, TULLY, KELLY, FLOWERS, GORDON, METZGER, DAVIS, BOOTHE, McCLELLAN, PUCHALSKI, LASKOWSKI are studied in this blog.

Scrathings This is a new book which traces the author's newly-found aboriginal ancestry to the Six Nations of the Grand River (Iroquois) DAVIS family in Ontario.

Browns Yard A new blog has been put on about St Paul's Anglican Church, between Moncton and Miramichi City in New Brunswick. The blogger says that it is very remote and travel is mostly on dirt roads. She put the cemetery on the Internet for family members, but found out that more people were becoming interested, so she decided to open it to everyone.

Canada Calls Off Franklin Search, For Now Alistair MacDonald of The Wall Street Journal reports that the Canadian ships searching for Sir John Franklin are back in port, and have called off the search for that disappeared ships almost 200 years ago. (accessed 25 September 2012)

100 years of flight celebrated in Charlottetown The CBC reports that the first airplane flight in Charlottetown on the “Red Devil” took place 100 years ago, and a plaque commemorating it was recently dedicated. (accessed 25 September 2012).