Thursday, August 21, 2014

Do You Read Blogs?

Every week, the editors of The Weekly Genealogist—published by the New England Historic Genealogical Society—take a survey, and last week they asked their readers - “How many genealogy blogs do you follow?”

And the answers were quite interesting, as 53 % said that they did not read blogs at all, while only 3% said that they read 10 or more. I would say that I am in the latter category! 

But it goes along with what I have said for the past year or so. People just do not read blogs, but those that do read blogs – read them religiously. It seems that people who write blogs (like me) read them, too. 

So, do you read blogs? How do you keep up with the genealogy news? Maybe there aren't any news to keep up with, or do you prefer podcasts or Google Hangouts on Air rather than blogs? 

To read the rest of the survey, go to