Thursday, August 8, 2013

1921 Census is finally here!

It’s finally here!

Have you taken a look at it yet? What do you think?

The 1921 Canada Census was the first census taken after the end of the First World War, and Canada was not in the best of shape. There was a mini-depression after the war was over, and in a few years, the Great Depression would take hold. Many of the soldiers could not find work, and so many of them were hired as enumerators of the 1921 census. Maybe your ancestor was an enumerator.

But you will not be able to search an every name index, only browse the census district and sub districts. It will continue this way until the index is ready, in as much as three months, so that would make it the middle of November.

And you will have to be a subscriber to Ancestry to get access to it, too. After three years, the Library and Archives Canada will put it on their site for free.

District and sub-districts are defined as “the districts for the representation of the people in the House of Commons at Ottawa, and Census subdistricts to the cities, towns, incorporated villages, townships and parishes which constitutes an electoral district”. 1

So you will have to know the district and sub-districts in which your ancestor lived in 1921. If you know those two things, then you should be able to find them.

Let me know what you think

1. Instructions to Commissioners and Enumerators in the Sixth Census of Canada, 1921 Government Printing Bureau, Ottawa 1921 p. 4