Saturday, January 30, 2010

BC Genealogists

December (which I thought was going to be a quiet month) turned out to be among the busiest I have ever had as far as writing articles is concerned.

Now that I have a few weeks free, I will try to post blogs more often. This is a special blog because it is about The British Columbia Genealogist, and it's all about sports. The BC Genealogist is tipping its hat to the Olympics that will be there in February.

They have a number of articles on different sports and its stars, such as Lionel E. YORKE, who played Lacrosse; Baseball in the Fifties from Merritt, BC; Tommy PHILLIPS, Hockey Player; George ELLEY, Stanley Park Race Runner; Eleanor McKENZIE and Ron MILLER, Olympic Athletes; the Dawson Creek Ladies Curling Club; and the Vancouver Y.M.C.A.

There are other articles about the trip some of the members took to Salt Lake City, a profile of the South Peace Roots Group, and Manitoba Reunions in Vancouver, 1910.

This is always a very-well put-together newsletter, with lots of interesting articles.

The website is