Thursday, July 2, 2015

Extra news items

Here are some news items which have come across the desk this week -

News has come to me that the Memorial to the Victims of Communism in Ottawa—first reported to our readers here in (the story appears under Stories of the Week)—has turned out to be an ever-changing saga.

I understand from the latest news is that the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, Heritage Ottawa, and two architects are taking the National Capital Commission’s decision to begin decontamination of the site for the Memorial to the Victims of Communism to court.

Hmmm, this could changes things a bit, doesn't it?

This is right behind last week's meeting that the National Capital Commission had with interested parties to show them some of the changes that had been suggested to the design of the memorial, such as -

 - that the five folded sheets of steel called “Memory Folds,” will reach up eight metres, not 14.3 meters high

 - that the foot bridge (Bridge of Hope) will be five metres high, down from 11, and there will not be a proposed elevator inside

 - that the whole project will be farther back from Wellington Street, and it will be settled or “nestled” behind a natural earth berm. Apparently, this would reduce its visibility on the street view

But it will still be located in front of the Supreme Court, next to the Library and Archives Canada, and won't be moved to the Gardens of the Provinces park across the street from the Library and Archives Canada that was its original site.

The Library and Archives Canada has released studies of photographs that you may interesting -

These photographs of Oscar Peterson and his family which were taken in 1944 is at

Also, there is Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Tour of Western Canada – Visit to Jasper National Park, which was commissioned as a trip across the country.

His trip can be viewed at

It has been suggested by Fin Armsworthy, the Municipality of the District of Guysborough councillor, that the town of Canso, Cape Breton, may be interested in hosting The Never Forgotten National Memorial, which was first reported to our readers in the June post under the title of Is the Never Forgotten National Momument going to be built?

You can read  the post at

When a meeting is held July 8, Armsworthy intends to bring it forward to the rest of the members, and ask for public consultations to have it construed at Canso.

Stay tuned for future developments.

Until next time, this is what crossed my desk this week.

Canada Day Contest

This year, for the annual Canada Day Contest sponsored by the Canadian Week in Review, the skill-testing question is -

This year, Canadians celebrate the birthday of Canada's first prime minister, Sir John A. Macdonald. The question is - When was his birthday, and where was he born? Hint: Like a true immigrant, he wasn't born in Canada!

One winner will be drawn from the correct entries.

The lucky contestant will get a free consultation with me in which they will be told of some of the places they can look to hopefully discover the year in which their Canadian ancestor immigrated to Canada, or some other detail.

The contest will close at the end of Canada History Week at midnight on Wednesday, 07 July 2015.

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