Monday, February 11, 2013

New/Updated Websites, Blogs, and Newspaper Articles - 11 February 2013

I have come across the following websites, blogs, and newspaper articles this past week that were of interest to me, and I thought you might be interested in them, too –


Francis Drake in 48° North Latitude Here is a website that says Francis Drake made a trip to the 48° North Latitude (southern coast of Vancouver Island), and stayed there for six weeks in 1579.


Wibbling Jo’s Genealogy Blog This blogger is conducting research the surname TILLIN in the US, Canada, Scotland and Gibraltar.

Newspaper Articles

New history museum will ‘pleasantly surprise’ Canadians, CEO predicts There will be an exhibit on the Empress of Ireland, the passenger ship that sank in the St. Lawrence River in 1912 with the loss of more than 1,000 lives, and an exhibit on Confederation tentatively planned for 2016

The search for family roots: Seeking out our ancestors is becoming a global phenomenon Follow the delightful story of how John Barker discovered old photos on a trip to Tantallon, Saskatchewan.

Taking charge Did you know that there were recruiting agents in Prince Edward Island looking for young men to join the Glengarry Light Infantry in Eastern Ontario in the War of 1812? Winston Johnston has written a book about it called The Glengarry Light Infantry, 1812-1816: Who were they and what did they do in the war?

Saving history a piece at a time Read how the Brant County branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society has a huge collection of newspaper clippings. The massive collection includes indexed and alphabetized copies of obituaries from The Expositor (the local newspaper), as well as indexed binders bursting with copies of The Expositor's historical Flashback column, all dating back to 1965.

Canadian family, Vancouver researcher key to dramatic announcement: Richard III’s remains found (with video) Read how a London, Ontario born furniture maker’s DNA helped to identify Richard’s III remains in England last week.

Focus on family Read how genealogy influences art pieces for Shaped by the Past, a multi-media exhibit by the ARTforce Collective. The exhibit is open on February 14th, Thursday at 7 p.m. at Place des Arts, 1120 Brunette Ave., Coquitlam, British Columbia.

Look for more articles next Monday February 18th.