Monday, October 6, 2014

Canadian Week in Review - 06 October 2014

I have come across the following Canadian websites, social media websites, and newspaper articles this past week that were of interest to me, and I thought you might be interested in them, too.

History Week in Canada

In 1871, British garrison troops throughout Canada were called home, to be replaced by Canadian militia.There were two types of militia, and they were -
In 1907, Alexander Graham Bell formed the Aerial Experiment Association at Baddeck, N.S. The group built several successful gasoline-powered biplanes. John McCurdy made the first manned flight in Canada on Feb. 23, 1909. The group also worked on hydrofoil boats.

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In 1953, John Galt's Canada Co. was formally liquidated at London, England. Chartered in 1826, the company played an important role in colonizing the western part of Upper Canada.

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Social Media

(Video) The First World War: Excerpts from the Diary of Woodman Leonard   
If war wasn’t enough to endure, Canadian soldiers had the Battle of the Somme, ammunition shortages, low rations, and the rain that turned everything into mud! 
Elgin County Ontario Canada and Talbot Times Genealogy Blog  
Researching Elgin Roots in the Tweed Area

Nova Scotia

Glasgow to get direct flights to Nova Scotia
WestJet, the Canadian airline, has announced a new, direct service from Glasgow to Halifax in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia farm declared heritage property
Two years after purchasing Janice's family homestead, the Durham (Nova Scotia) couple had Thorbank Farm officially declared a heritage property by the two levels of government during a special ceremony.


West Niagara churches commemorate War Measures Act
Two west Niagara churches were among just 100 across the country to celebrate the unveiling of memorial plaques to mark the 100th anniversary of the signing of the War Measures Act.

Hologram Coin Celebrates Canadian Space Agency's 25-Year Legacy
Commemorating a quarter-century of Canadian astronaut and robotic achievements in space, the Royal Canadian Mint has released a new collector coin for the 25th anniversary of the Canadian Space Agency.

Franklin ship found in Arctic was HMS Erebus
The shipwreck located by researchers last month was HMS Erebus, which Sir John Franklin sailed on during his doomed 1845 quest to find the Northwest Passage to Asia.

Canada's Lancaster bomber returns home after historic U.K. tour
Canada’s only operational Second World War-era Lancaster bomber plane was met by hundreds of cheering onlookers and a Scottish marching band as it touched down in Hamilton Sunday after a historic aerial tour in the U.K.

Cobham Parish Magazine helps Canadian man uncover family history
A Canadian man discovered his historic links to Cobham through parish magazine and newspaper clippings dating back to 1914.


Hudson's Bay Company announces donation of historic mural to The Manitoba Museum
The Pioneer at Fort Garry, a 16.5-metre by 3-metre oil-on-canvas mural, which had been a fixture in the Hudson's Bay Winnipeg Downtown store since 1927, was removed in January 2014 in preparation for donation to The Manitoba Museum.


Canadian History Ehx: The early settlers of Grenfell
In the early 1870s, the area of Grenfell was open prairie, with a few missionaries and fur traders passing through every so often.

Saskatoon's Knox United asking for help with roof repairs
Church makes case for grant under heritage program using historical work records for money to help fix the roof.

A piece of Saskatoon history finds a new home
The Bedford Road Collegiate gymnasium has found a new home at the Brainsport.


Legacy of Heroes looks at history of aircraft used in criminal pursuit
The new issue is called “Flight into Danger”, and Jeff Awid, Writer/Producer with EPS Corporate Communications Branch, says it chronicles the first time in Canadian history that aircraft was used in a criminal pursuit.

British Columbia

Arson suspected in Keefer Street heritage house fire
Property damage appears to have been deliberately set.

Story of the Week

Women’s History Month 2014

As a person who owns my own business at, I read the facts that are on the Status of Women Canada webite at with interest, because October is Women’s History Month.

The first fact that is on the page is that women represent 47.3% of the Canadian labour force today, which is good news. And the good news for people who are involved in the genealogy business is that in 2011, women held the majority ownership of 16% of small- and medium-sized businesses – although women were more likely to own small- rather than medium-sized businesses.
They have a 31-day-challenge this year, and it is to share historic and recent information about Canadian women in business, every day, on your favourite social media platform. That sounds like a really good idea!

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