Saturday, November 26, 2011

“Past Tents” – November Newsletter

“Past Tents”, the newsletter of the Thunder Bay Branch of the OGS, recently issued their November 2011 edition.

The Branch has a very interesting and eye-catching first page of their newsletter. Four times a year they highlight an “Ancestor of the Month”, and this month they are featuring Marion Belle Elliot.

Marion was born in 1898 in Morewood (near Ottawa), the daughter of Marion Henderson and Francis Elliot. She taught school in Thunder Bay, and although she wasn’t spoken of as a genealogist, she spent her summer going around Canada visiting relatives, and leaving the lists and pictures of their relatives.

The column, "Research Article", mentions going to a community called Tum Tum in Washington State where Paul McAlister found the tombstone of Robert Elsworth McAlistor. An interesting read!

In another article entitled “Why Mobert is Called Mobert”, we find out that the name is the contraction of C. S. Montizambert, a fellow who led men in 1885 Out West to help quell the Riel Rebellion.

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