Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Annual general meeting at the Niagara Peninsula Branch

The area that is covered by the Niagara Peninsula Branch of the OGS

Tyler Stevens, the Membership Coordinator at Niagara Peninsula Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society write to tells us of a meeting that they will hold this Thursday at 7 pm.

They will feature a Genealogy Showcase, Branch Voting & the Holiday Gathering. Looking forward to seeing what folks have put together for their Showcase's.

So if you have a something to show or tell, email niagara@ogs.on.ca to book your time.

The website of the Niagara Peninsula Branch is http://www.ogs.on.ca/niagara/

Global Genealogy makes an announcement

Global Genealogy has just made the announcement that they have almost completed work on a book and CD called Genealogical Extracts from the Perth Courier Newspaper 1834-1929.

Global Genealogy says that "It will be an 8 volume set of genealogical extracts from the Perth Courier newspaper that were published between 1834 and 1929 (known as the Bathurst Courier in its early years).

They say that the series will be available in a coil-bound printed edition, and as books on CD (searchable pdf). Buy individual volumes (sorted by year of publication) or save by purchasing a complete set.

The series includes 3618 pages of extracts of births, marriages, deaths, silver and golden anniversaries and other information of genealogical interest - about 40,000 extracts in all. All are extensively indexed including cross referencing and females listed by both maiden and married names when known.

They say that they will announce the release date in an early January newsletter. A complete online index will be provided at that time . This collection will be a valuable addition to every genealogical reference library that has a Canadian section".

Global Genealogy website is http://globalgenealogy.com/