Monday, February 23, 2009

Some Blogs that Elizabeth Follows ...

Since Diane named my blog for the Kreativ Blogger Award, I have agreed to list some of my favorite blogs. They are on my list to read every morning to see "what's what" and who has been doing what genealogical things since I last checked the day before.

As Diane knows, I can't let anything pass without a comment. I have put my comments beside the blogs I have picked here, too. Some, but not all, of the blogs have Canadian content as the main focus, and aren't in any particular order.

(In the December 2008 article on, I wrote an article on Canadian genealogy blogs called "All-Canadian Blogs of 2008")

1. Dick Eastman's Blog ( - This was the first blog that I had followed, and I think (although I am not sure) he was the first to change from an electronic newsletter to a blog.

It has posting of genealogical significance from all over the world, and I do find Canadian information on there most of the time. I even wrote an article for him many moons ago.

He was at Conference '08 (for the Ontario Genealogy Society) and I had a sit-down interview with him. I found that he was a very nice man, and knew his genealogical "stuff" to the letter.

2. John Reid's Anglo-Celtic Connections ( John is a fellow Ottawa blogger (he has been at it longer than I) , although he blogs mostly about Anglo-Celtic genealogical news, with news about the Library and Archives Canada thrown in for good measure.

3. Leland Meitzler Genealogy Blog ( I have followed Leland's blog since he first started it a few years ago.

I write on a annual basis for Everton's Genealogical Helper (Leland is the editor) and I'm always interested in what he has found on a daily basis.

He was off of the blogs for a couple of months, but is now back on, and I always check his writings because he always has a personal take on things genealogical.

4. Jane's Your Aunt ( I consider Diane a friend. I read her blog every day and although I do not blog as much as she does, we do our best to cover Canada (she on the West Coast and me in the middle of the country), and I think we do a pretty good job.

I met Diane last summer and we had a lovely time together. We went out one Friday night and showed her some of Ottawa's treasures.

5. Dear Myrtle ( I did a radio interview with her about five years ago, and have kept up with her genealogical happenings ever since.

I listen to what she says, as she has been doing this for a long time and know her genealogy to a "T".

6. Olive Tree Genealogy ( - Like many others, Laura started her blog after she had been on the Internet for a number of years.

She has a great interest in Loyalist, Canadian, and Palatine history, and you can find it on her site.

7. Randy's Genealogical Musings ( - I like Randy's blog for two reasons - one, I've got relatives in the San Francisco area of California (and Randy lives in Chula Vista, California), and second - he writes about going on genealogy cruises/conferences and about his own genealogical club, which I love to read.

8. And the last one is a blog that I will write twice a month for, starting March 1st.

The blog will cover things I have discovered in doing my own blog or from what people have asked me in my genealogical career that now covers 15 years.

The first blog will appear March 1st.