Saturday, February 14, 2015

RootsTech 2015 - Day 4

This morning, before I logged on to RootsTech 2015 to watch their live streaming, I checked in with Dear Myrt’s AmbushCAM—little five minute interviews with attendees—and I had seven to watch -

Myrt's AmbushCAM: Thursday #1 - Rosemary Morgan from London Roots Research

Myrt's AmbushCAM: Thursday #2 - Cyndi Ingle of Cyndi's List

Myrt's AmbushCAM: Thursday #3 - Jeff Haddon, founder of History Lines

Myrt's AmbushCAM: Thursday #4 - Wiki Chicks

Myrt's AmbushCAM: Thursday #5 - A. J. Jacobs of Global Family Reunion

Myrt's AmbushCAM: Thursday #6 - Tim Firkowski of The Genealogy Assistant

Myrt's AmbushCAM: Thursday #7 - Bernice Alexander Bennett, Sherri Camp, Shelley Murphy, and Angela Y Walton-Raji from the Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society

It’s best to watch all of these interviews at Dear Myrt’s Genealogy Community at

Not to be late for the RootsTech 2015 live streaming session, I scurried to get ready for my day of taking in the keynote speakers, and to see who would win the Innovator Summit at 12:00, my local time. I had a few minutes to spare, so I checked out the Facebook page and found that some people were complaining about not receiving the first part of the live streaming session yesterday, but I didn’t have any difficulty. Today, I did have a bit of a problem, even after refreshing, but eventually got back on the site.

I watched the Innovator Summit Challenge Event, and it was conducted something like Dragon’s Den, a television show in Canada, where the prizes were given by the voting of the audience and judges. There were 51 new ideas presented, and the final four were ArgusSearch, GenMarketplace, Lucidpress, and the winner – StoryWorth.

Because of technical difficulties, mine or theirs, I missed most of the keynote speech today, but did get a chance to watch Thomas MacEntee on Research Toolbox, and Ring Your Ancestor Back to the Future by Anne Leishman.

Tomorrow will be the last day for RootsTech. The day will start at 10:30 (local time), and, as usual, will be worth watching.

See you tomorrow!

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