Monday, March 5, 2012

New/Improved Canadian Websites and Blogs Week 20

Here are some of the websites and blogs that I have come across the week ending March 4, 2012.

Many Branches, One Tree This blog covers the family names of Amaro, Baron, Bennett, Fay, Gaffney, Hoppin, Huesca, Kangas, Makepeace, McGinnis, Perroyin, Quinn, Riney, Sannella, Schiavon, and Tully, in Ontario.

The Gray and Haley Family There are 7,990 names listed on this website, and it all started as a genealogicak project when the webmater started to research his parents from Nova Scotia, and how they met.

Canada Genealogy Queries Have you checked out this site lately? They have now have 1,9286 Canadian queries posted.

The Clark(e) Family Homepage James Clarke, born circa 1810, came to North America with the British army. Married to Bridget Duffy (b. 1830), James Clarke settled on Howe Island, an island south of Kingston, Ontario.

Stimers Genealogy Descendants of Jacob Stimers and Catherine Light. Jacob and Catherine came to live in Thurlow Township, Hastings County, Ontario in 1800 from Dutchess County, New York State.

Ontario Churches in Ontario History of some Anglican churches in Ontario.

Twigged: The Blog Included is a WWI album, and the history of the Bray family of St. Teath, Cornwall, England, who emigrated to Ontario, Canada.

Aboriginal Peoples: Guide to the Records of the Government of Canada (Revised Version) Originally released in 1996, the revised online guide includes updated instructions on how to locate records from the Department of Indian Affairs (RG 10 / R216) and the Department of the Interior (RG 15 / R190) in Archives Search. The guide also explains how to search by finding aid number in Archives Search.

Cyndi's List She celebrated her 16th birthday yesterday! It's hard to believe that when I first read this new "List", she would still be going strong years later. Congratulations, Cyndi!